Teammates welcome Boykin to the family

LATROBE, Pa. – Steelers players will soon get to know their new teammate, cornerback Brandon Boykin who was acquired via trade from the Philadelphia Eagles. Upon his arrival, while most weren't familiar with him they welcome the addition of anyone who is here to help the team win.

Here is what some of his new teammates had to say:

Linebacker Jarvis Jones, who played with Boykin at Georgia:
"He is a guy that has worked, will give everything he's got. I think he is going to adjust well to our system and what we are going to get done here.

"We have been like brothers since day one. I came on my visit to Georgia and he was hosting me. We got very close during our time at Georgia. We spent some time together this offseason as well.

"Brandon is one of those blue-collar guys who every time he gets an opportunity to display his skills, that is what he does. Bringing Brandon in will only help us."

Safety Will Allen:
"I don't know a lot about him. I heard he was a good player. I don't know much about him, but if the coaches believe in him, upper management believes in him, if he is here to help us win, bring him on board.

"I think we have some good players in the secondary, especially at the corner position. I don't know what drove the move or why we traded. Obviously it's for a reason. If he is here to help us win, I am all for it."

Defensive End Cam Heyward:
"It's a position in transition. You have some good starters in Cortez (Allen) and (Will) Gay and (Antwon) Blake. You can always get better. If we can get our fourth corner and get other guys moved in the right situation we can move forward. We embrace competition in this period."

Cornerback Antwon Blake:
"I know he played a lot for the Eagles. He is a very good player. Anybody that can be a positive addition to our team I am more than willing to welcome. I have seen him play. He is a very good player. I like him.

"As far as me, I am going to keep going out and work hard every day. Every day is a challenge. We challenge ourselves every day. Bringing a new guy doesn't necessary up the ante because we challenge ourselves every day."

Cornerback B.W. Webb:
"If he can help us win a Super Bowl I am all for it. I can only control what I can control. Anything he can bring to the table is awesome."

Linebacker Arthur Moats:
"I was surprised by it. It caught me off guard to see that we traded for him. Any time you get a guy who comes from a trade, they come in with a chip on their shoulder. They want to prove something. I am expecting him to have that same mentality and help us get better."

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