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Take 5 with Rob Golden

Robert Golden was the Steelers special teams' captain in 2014, but he was also a part of a close defensive backfield and shared his thoughts on both topics in this installment of Take 5. 


What's the relationship like among the defensive backs?**"With Troy (Polamalu) and Ike (Taylor) and those guys who have been here for a while, when we came in they opened their arms up to us and took us under their wings and just expressed love. Me being here a few years, I was able to do the same with the younger guys who have come in. It's just a tight family group and those guys express a lot of love and show a lot of love and we try to give it back to each other."

Can you talk a little bit more about Troy and Ike, and what they mean to you?
"They are like big brothers to me. Troy is the most humble man I ever met. He helped me learn the defense and all the different positions, the corner, safety, dime and nickel. That helped me in the long run being able to step in because of how he took me in as a rookie. Ike is always working hard, showing a lot of love to us."

When you came in, Troy was established. Were you surprised at how helpful he was?
"When I first got here I never would have thought Troy is the way he is. He is a very humble guy. To be taken under his wing and learn the defense was definitely an honor."

What is the feeling when you bury an opposing team deep in their own territory?
"It's great. The defense feeds off it, they go out and get a three-and-out. It's great for the defense and offense because they are punting from backed up and get good field position."

What's it like when special teams scores a touchdown?
"It's a great thing. They say when you score on special teams or defense that your chances of winning goes up. Scoring on special teams or defense is a great thing. It's awesome for the team."

Photos of the 2014 Safeties.

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