Sylvester on injury: "I got lucky"

Linebacker Stevenson Sylvester suffered a sprained ankle against the Giants on Saturday night, but said the injury is not as bad as it could have been.

"I am fine, just a little tweak," said Sylvester, who isn't sure how long he will be out. "I got lucky."

Sylvester made a tackle on a punt when rookie receiver Markus Wheaton rolled over his ankle.

"It was just an unfortunate event," said Sylvester. "It's the first preseason game and everyone is hustling to make a play and I just got cut.

"I understand his position. I have been in that same position. It's hard to get out of the way at that time. He is hustling, he is a gunner and they had him double-teamed. You are trying to run as hard as you can to get away from some of those guys and as soon as I looked to my right someone came into my leg. I got lucky it wasn't a major injury. Hopefully I get out there as soon as possible."

Sylvester said the most disappointing thing was at the time of the injury he was due to be a part of the defensive package on the upcoming series and instead had to leave the game.

"It's definitely frustrating," said Sylvester. "You always want to be out there. You have to deal with it and know it's the game of football and injuries happen and you have to take it as you can and just get ready to go back the next time around."

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