Sutton attacking all fronts this offseason

Rounding it out: The offseason is well under way for the Steelers, and the key for many young players is working on specific aspects of their game as they prepare for OTAs that begin in May.

For Cameron Sutton, though, he isn't limiting himself to one area to work on, instead working on every aspect of his game this offseason.

"I am working on well-rounding my game," said Sutton. "I am not limiting myself. I have a lot of time to get reps at everything, whether it's off man, press man, getting in the film room and seeing how teams are going to attack us. Every aspect of the return game. Getting in the weight room. Nobody's game is perfect, but you have to have the mindset of having no flaws in your game. The more you become well-rounded, the more it takes pressure off and you can go out there and play and have fun."

Short memory: Playing cornerback in the NFL means one thing. You have to have a short memory. Sutton knows there will be times he is going to get beat. It happens to everyone. The key is coming back strong on the next play.

"Every play is a life of its own," said Sutton. "You have to do what you can and what you are capable of every play. The game is not going to wait for you. You can't sit there and keep dwelling on that one play or something that happened earlier in the game because you still have 60 minutes to play. You have to have the mindset that the play is over, move on to the next play.

"Everything is not going to go your way throughout the course of the game. Someone is going to have a long run, someone is going to score a touchdown. That doesn't define the game. It's not one play. You can't dwell on one play."

Positive approach: Sutton had some disappointments his rookie season, primarily missing the first 11 games with a hamstring injury. But he didn't let that dampen his enthusiasm for his first season in the NFL.

"I enjoyed the year," said Sutton. "You never know what to expect. I thought this was the best situation for me. It's been nothing but positive since I got here. Everyone embraced us. It's been fun. I made a lot of friendships and memories that will carry on with me for my entire life."

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