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Suisham, Burress to take part in NFL boot camp


Steelers kicker Shaun Suisham and receiver Plaxico Burress will be among 15 current and former NFL players taking part in the first-ever NFL Boot Camp: Consumer Products from March 2-5.

The boot camp is part of NFL Player Engagement, which offers former and current players varied opportunities to explore the business world.

The consumer products program will be held in Baltimore and was developed by NFL Player Engagement, the NFL consumer products division and the Robert H. Smith School of Business. It will be held in conjunction with the NFL Consumer Products Summit and offer in-depth look at the industry for players who might want to transition into the business, as well as present them with business challenges.

Burress already has a sock line, the Plaxico Burress Collection, and has explored expanding it.

"I have been a lover of socks for some time now," said Burress. "Even as a kid I always wanted my socks to match. I was always picky about them. I never wanted to wear socks with holes in them. My socks always had to match and be clean. My mom would tell me don't run around the house in your clean socks. Take them off.

"The Plaxico Burress Collection came from wanting the perfect pair of socks for my outfit one day. I couldn't find anything. I have socks made by the top companies, a whole drawer full of socks and just couldn't find the right pair. So I thought why not design my own socks."

Suisham is hoping the boot camp will help with the final launch of a kicking tee that he designed and developed and said he is passionate about. 

"It's another opportunity to educate myself," said Suisham. "I am seeking a little more guidance. Hopefully I will have the tee out within the year. It's a kickoff tee that is better than the existing tee that is out there. Youth football to the NFL could benefit from the use of my tee.

"I am hoping it's going to be a great experience. Every opportunity is a good one. Last year I went to a business school and I think we can all continue to learn. It's another step in that direction."  

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