Steelers talk about their quarterbacks

Ben Roethlisberger was officially listed as having limited participation in practice today, but nobody on the field with him is ruling him out of anything just yet as it relates to Sunday in Kansas City.

"Ben and Landry (Jones) both got some (first-team) reps today," guard Ramon Foster said. "Landry was primary guy. I think it's still wait-and-see on either situation."

Quarterback Mike Vick (hamstring) did not practice.

That would seemingly indicate determining Sunday's starter against the Chiefs is down to a two-horse race between Roethlisberger, who hasn't started since suffering a sprained MCL/bone bruise on Sept. 27 in St. Louis, and Jones, who made his NFL debut when he relieved Vick last Sunday against Arizona.

Head coach Mike Tomlin had assessed the quarterback position as follows on Tuesday:

"When things reveal themselves to us, in terms of overall availability of Ben and/or Mike Vick, then we'll make necessary adjustments to the plan accordingly. As we sit here (on Tuesday), we are just simply focused on Landry's readiness and getting him the required reps to perform in an above-the-line manner."

Here's what the Steelers were saying about their situation at quarterback after practice today:

Foster: "I don't think Ben is going to show much fear about any situation he's in. If it's up to him he's probably going to want to go. It's all depending on how Coach (Mike) Tomlin thinks he looked. He's not going to put a man out there in a bad situation.

"(Jones) has a little swagger about him, but he's supposed to. He's a guy who's possibly going to lead a billion-dollar corporation; he has to have something about him. I'm glad he does if he's going to be the guy going into Kansas City."

Guard David DeCastro: "(Roethlisberger) looked like he was doing really well, throwing the ball around like a little kid. Honestly, it's one of those things, we've been kind of through it the past couple weeks. Whoever's in there is in there and we're going to roll as an offensive line. I could honestly care less. I have enough to worry about blocking the three-technique in front of me. Whoever's going to be there is going to be there and he's going to do his job."

Center Cody Wallace: "They both kind of rotated through, Landry got the majority of (the reps). Ben stepped in a few times and it was good to see him back in the huddle. They both shared reps. Ben moved pretty well. We'll see how he's feeling and go from there.

"Obviously, Ben's the guy here. He's our dude whenever he gets healthy. But Landry has stepped in, he's done great."

Running back Le'Veon Bell: "I'm happy for (Roethlisberger), that his knee's feeling better. It's not my call. Obviously, I'm hoping the best for him. It was good hearing his voice in the huddle, him calling the plays, things like that. We're all obviously really excited but we still have to see where his knee is.

"Landry kind of plays a lot like Ben with check-downs, things like that, so they kind of know where I'm at all the time. Obviously, it's a little different with Vick because he didn't always know where the check-downs were. He was kind of new to the offense."

Jones: "You never know what's going to happen once it gets to Sunday."

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