Steelers Social Tent keeps fans connected


By Michael Kelley
Social Media Intern

Fans who attend Steelers training camp will notice a new addition to the camp experience this year, the Steelers Social Tent.

The tent, located across from the FedEx Traveling Great Hall, gives fans a place to connect with the team through Facebook, Twitter and email. The tent supplies everything fans need to stay engaged, including iPads, a charging station and complementary Wifi.

Fans can interact directly with the team by liking the Steelers on Facebook and following @steelers on Twitter. Email recipients will receive exclusive Steelers related offers, news and information on events, as well as great merchandise discount codes to use online.

Pictures from the action on the field and links to the Live daily show at 5 p.m. are posted on all of the social media streams, as well as contests to win free merchandise and much more.

Have a smart phone? Download Steelers GameDay Plus, the official new mobile app of the Steelers. Get breaking news, real-time statistics, photo galleries, podcasts, updated standings, and video clips of press conferences and player interviews.

The Steelers are also currently giving away 'Steelers Social' shirts. Win one by tweeting a picture of yourself at camp to @steelers using the hash tag #HereWeGo. Winners will be randomly selected at each training camp practice.

Not able to make it to camp this year? No need to worry. All fans will have a chance to win a shirt daily on Twitter. Be sure to follow @steelers for details.

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