Steelers remind fans of safety protocols and procedures

The remainder of the regular season schedule features four home games for the Steelers and, with that, the organization continues to focus on making sure that it is creating a safe environment for all of those in attendance.

In order to help assure that Heinz Field continues to safely host fans for all remaining home games, the organization is reminding fans of the following:

  • Splitting any portion of ticket pods for personal use or for sale on the secondary market is prohibited.
  • Pods must be used with family members, friends or known guests or must be re-sold to another singular party.

In addition, fans who purchase tickets on the secondary market should make sure they are purchasing complete pods and not a portion of a broken pod. In cases where a portion of a broken pod is purchased, the transaction is at risk of cancellation or relocation. Any fans who split their ticket pods may jeopardize their ability to purchase tickets to remaining regular season games, as well as playoff games.

In addition to the above, the Steelers would like to remind its fans of the following protocols while watching Steelers games at Heinz Field: 

  • All of those in attendance must wear masks.
  • Tailgating is not allowed.
  • Fans must maintain social distancing upon entering and exiting the stadium, as well as during the game in all areas of Heinz Field.

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