Steelers Nation Unite enhances game day experience in Cincinnati

Steelers Nation Unite members were rewarded in Cincinnati on Sunday with prizes and experiences only the Steelers can provide.

For checking-in at the game, members Adam Gue and Leslie Martell received pre-game field passes, which allowed them to watch warmups right from the sidelines.

Other members benefitted from checking-in with Steelers Nation Unite hats, shirts and Terrible Towels. Among those was Wendy Wehr, who had just signed up for the program on Saturday evening during a Steelers Nation Unite visit to Steelers bar Martino's on Vine in Cincinnati.

Following the win, members even received rewards outside the stadium as the Steelers were getting set to depart for Pittsburgh and Steelers Nation was waiting to send them off.

As part of the Weekly Huddle call to action, members changed their profile photos on social media to the Steelers Nation Unite '2014 Member' badge and use #SNUproud to show their pride in being recognized as official members of Steelers Nation. For doing so, a number of members are receiving Steelers Nation Unite Terrible Towels as rewards for supporting the team from all across Steelers Nation.

Coming this week, the Weekly Huddle will once again bring members new opportunities to connect with their favorite Steelers and give them a chance to display their Steelers pride. Be sure to join Steelers Nation Unite today and get connected with the Steelers and Steelers Nation.

To join Steelers Nation Unite and be recognized as an official member of Steelers Nation, visit or the 'Steelers Nation Unite' page on the Steelers mobile app. Joining is free, quick and easy and only requires an email address and a password to sign up.

Steelers Nation Unite members were rewarded in Cincinnati with prizes and experiences only the Steelers can provide.

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