Steelers Nation, AB needs you

Antonio Brown is accustomed to dancing in the end zone at Heinz Field, but on Thursday he took his dancing game to new heights at the home of the Steelers.

Brown and his Dancing With The Stars partner Sharna Burgess, along with hundreds of Steelers fans, were at Heinz Field for a promotional shoot for the show.

"I am really excited about the challenge of being on Dancing With The Stars," said Brown. "I am excited about the process."

Brown and Burgess, who make up 'Team Boomin,' have begun training for Season 22 of the show, practicing in a dance studio in Pittsburgh, and Brown is happy with the way it's progressing.

"We are getting better every day," said Brown. "We are working six days a week in the dance studio, preparing the best we can, trying to learn each step. She is the teacher, she is teaching me the steps. She is the choreographer. She has created everything, seeing what looks good, what is comfortable for me. She is a really good teacher, showing me the right way to do it."

Burgess is impressed with how Brown is picking things up, but said it's a lot different from playing football.

"His touchdown dance is special," said Burgess. "I love it. It shows he has that hip action. We have been working on his ankle and knee strength, the things I need, his frame and his core, using it in a different way for dancing. He is incredibly fit and in the shape of his life, but dancing is a whole other beast."

One thing Brown and Burgess both agree on is the most important aspect of the show is going to be getting support from Steelers Nation, who will be able to vote them through each week.

"They are a huge factor," said Brown. "It's all about the votes. Any time you are with Steelers Nation you know you have a chance. I am excited about Steelers Nation. Hines Ward did it and won the Mirror Ball and I want to bring it back."

This season of Dancing With The Stars kicks off on March 21 on ABC.

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