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Steelers go for 2


Seconds remain in regulation, a touchdown has just been scored and a single, solitary point separates the two teams on the scoreboard.

If it's the 2015 season and it's the Steelers that have just been scored upon, defensive end Cam Heyward hopes the opposing offense attempts a two-point conversion rather than kicking an extra point to force overtime.

"For me, I want every offense to go for two," Heyward said. "I think we have a good goal-line defense around here. We're going to have guys swarming to the ball."

In the event it's the Steelers that have just pulled to within a point, center Maurkice Pouncey would most likely opt for the most pragmatic approach.

"The extra point's on the 15 (-yard line) now so we might have to go for the two," he said.

The NFL has made such scenarios much more debatable by moving the line of scrimmage for a point after touchdown from the 2 to the 15.

The stated intent is to make the kicking of a PAT less of an automatic exercise and perhaps to make tries for a two-point conversion those will still be snapped from the 2 a more frequent occurrence.

Adding to the intrigue of the policy alteration is the defense having the ability to score two points via a blocked kick or turnover return into the opposite end zone.

"I really like the addition of the defense having a chance to score," Heyward said. "If it's a quick slant; you saw where (linebacker) James (Harrison) took it in the Super Bowl (against Arizona), if that was after a touchdown that doesn't count (prior to the 2015 rule change).

"If we can get points that way, get an extra two and then our offense gets back on the field, we're all going to be up for it."

Pouncey hasn't contemplated whether the Steelers could or should go for two points more often due to the rule change and he doesn't intend to ponder such possibilities.

"I honestly don't care," he said. "Whatever Coach calls out there, whatever he wants to do, I'm all in. I don't really get much into saying what we should do or don't do."

Pouncey was willing to go this far: If the Steelers need 2 yards in such a scenario they ought to be able to get them.

"For sure," he said. "I hope so, with the running back we have (Le'Veon Bell) and the offensive line we have."

Heyward would welcome opposing offenses operating with similar bravado.

"I hope so, I don't know," he said. "You have some coaches that are aggressive at times; if you start at the 2-yard line, why not?

"Everyone thinks they have the new scheme that makes them invincible until they get stopped."

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