Steelers broadcasts now in Mexico


By Teresa Varley

The Steelers are a huge draw in Mexico and for the first time fans in Mexico City were able to listen to an official Steelers broadcast in Spanish when they played the Titans last week.

The team came to a deal in the offseason to have the games broadcast in Spanish on Grupo Radio Acir (88.9 FM) in Mexico City. The station will broadcast all games this season, with the hope of expanding to more markets in the future.

The father-son tandem of Fernando Von Rossum, Sr. and Fernando Von Rossum, Jr. are calling the action during the games and were pleased to be at Heinz Field  

"We're very happy to do it," said Von Rossum, Sr. "The Steelers have so many fans in Mexico. I don't even think they grasp the enormity of it. We are very happy to be here to broadcast it back to Mexico."

The station has broadcast Steelers and other NFL games in the past, but this year is the first time that they are partnering with the team.

"We are honored to have this relationship with the Rooneys and help grow the Steelers Nation for Hispanic speaking people," said Von Rossum, Jr. "All of the people in Mexico appreciate this effort that everyone is doing. In 2004 we followed the whole season for radio in Mexico. Now being the official Spanish voice for the Steelers we are very proud. We are proud to be a part of the team on the Hispanic side."

The excitement for the broadcasts has been building since the agreement was announced at a press conference in Mexico City this offseason, with wide receiver Hines Ward in attendance.
"It's been an excellent response," said Von Rossum, Jr. "When we made the announcement there were 300 or 400 fans in the lobby waiving terrible towels."

The Von Rossum's said they saw plenty of Steelers fans on the trip from Mexico City to the game and it comes as no surprise. After Super Bowl XLIII fans swarmed to the Angel of Independence, a monument that stands in Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City and is one of the country's most revered symbols.  

"Only when the national soccer team wins do people congregate there," said Von Rossum, Jr. "When the Steelers won Super Bowl XL and Super Bowl XLIII, there were people rooting for the Steelers in that space that is reserved for the national soccer team.

"Every weekend people gather to watch the games or come here from Mexico. Now we know they will follow on TV and turn up the sound on the radio to follow our broadcast."
The Steelers are only the third NFL team to have an exclusive deal with a Mexican radio company.  

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