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Steelers arrive in Hawaii


By Teresa Varley

Pro Bowl Notebook

Linebackers James Farrior and James Harrison and safety Troy Polamalu arrived in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl after taking part in the team's Super Bowl Celebration parade in Pittsburgh.
It didn't take long for them to adjust to the warm temperatures and sunny skies that greeted them, especially after the chill that was in the air during the parade.
All three players had fun during their first practice, with Polamalu goofing off with former teammate Chris Hope, who now plays for the Tennessee Titans.
If any of the three players make the Pro Bowl next year, they won't be returning to Hawaii, as the game will be played in Miami, Florida the weekend prior to the Super Bowl.

"It will be a part of the Super Bowl event instead of being after the Super Bowl, which can be anti-climatic," said NFL commission Roger Goodell. "We came off maybe the greatest game in the history of the NFL last week and we're coming back to play in the Pro Bowl. Had this lead up to it, it might have put more attention on the Pro Bowl and the players themselves."

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      While all of his teammates are happy for Santonio Holmes receiving the MVP honors from Super Bowl XLIII, Farrior took a defensive bias and said his vote might have gone to Harrison.
      "If I had anything to do with it, he would have gotten my vote," said Farrior from Hawaii of his teammate who returned an interception 100 yards for a touchdown.
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      When the Arizona Cardinals took a three-point lead over the Steelers late in Super Bowl XLIII, a lot of players might have gotten down. But Farrior and his teammates weren't down for a minute.

"We went on a little roller coaster ride at the end of it and I am glad we came out on the good end of it," said Farrior. "Everyone was riding high. We all believed. Nobody expected a game like that but what a great game to have as the Super Bowl."

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