Steelers adopt variable pricing for tickets

The Steelers have adopted a variable pricing plan for all tickets sold starting with the 2014 NFL season.

Variable pricing is a concept being used by other teams in the NFL, as well as in the NBA, NHL, MLB, and the NCAA, and its purpose is to better reflect the value of the tickets based on preseason vs. regular season, as well as opponent, day of week, time of game, and placement in the season.

Variable pricing does not impact the total cost of a season ticket package, but rather it places a value on the individual games within the package. There will be three price tiers within the variable pricing plan: Preseason, Black, and Gold. The games in each tier will be determined after the NFL releases its 2014 schedule.

"We will be utilizing a variable pricing ticket plan at Heinz Field for 2014," said Steelers Communications Coordinator Burt Lauten. "We have listened to our fans to gauge the value of each game, and this variable plan will allow them to get the best value for their ticket."

Season ticket holders recently received information on the variable pricing ticket plan with their season ticket invoice. The individual game tickets will be on sale after the NFL schedule is released.

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