Steelers 2010 Season Highlight Film

Titled, "The Standard"

The story of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 season was retold today when the team unveiled its annual season highlight film, "The Standard," at a special screening at Heinz Field.

The film, which premiered in the East Club Lounge at Heinz Field, details the Steelers' 2010 season and their journey to Super Bowl XLV. With the odds set against them, the Steelers overcame adversity and captured their eighth AFC Championship and a spot in Super Bowl XLV.

Though the Steelers were not able to win their seventh Lombardi Trophy, the standard of excellence never changed and individual performances of many of the team's young stars combined with veteran leadership gave Steelers' fans hope for the seasons ahead.

The 24-minute film showcases the Steelers' record-setting performances by the team's top-ranked defense, led by NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Troy Polamalu. The Steelers defense led the league in at least eight defensive categories and shattered the team record for rushing yards per game allowed by giving up just 62.8 yards per game. The Steelers gave up the fewest points in the NFL, recorded 48 sacks and finished the season with 21 interceptions.

Viewers were also witnesses to the strong performances made by the Steelers' young wide receivers. Mike Wallace finished his second season with 1,200 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns, and he led the NFL with seven 100-yard receiving games. Rookie Antonio Brown hauled in a thrilling 58-yard catch on the Steelers' final drive to set up the game-winning touchdown against the Ravens in the divisional playoffs while sealing the Steelers AFC Championship victory with a 14-yard catch in the final two minutes.

"The Standard" was produced by Bethel Park-native John Weiss of NFL Films, his 21st Steelers highlight project.  KDKA Radio's Larry Richert narrates the video, while the Steelers broadcast team of Bill Hillgrove and former Steelers Tunch Ilkin and Craig Wolfley are featured in radio calls of game action.

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