Stallworth on AB: 'He is exceptional'


LATROBE, Pa. - In the 50 years the Steelers have been coming to Saint Vincent College for training camp some amazing players have graced the practice fields.

There were none better than the team's Hall of Famers, though, including wide receiver John Stallworth who was back on campus this week. Stallworth was in for the team's shareholder meeting, and couldn't believe it's been 50 years that the team has been holding training camp there.

"God, 50 years of being here," said Stallworth. "It's a great atmosphere. The players like it, the owners like it, the people in Latrobe. The getaway for the families from Pittsburgh to come here. I think it's a win-win for everyone concerned."

Training camp has meant different things to different players throughout the years, with many not liking having to go through the daily rigors of it. But Stallworth was different.

"I loved training camp," said Stallworth. "The competition aspect of it after an offseason of not competing at one-on-one or team against team, offense against defense and to come and have an opportunity to jump right in and compete every day. I had a great time."

The Pittsburgh Steelers took on day two of practice in pads at Saint Vincent College.

Stallworth didn't have a lot of time to watch the players practice during his visit, but he loved being back in the atmosphere.

"It is an opportunity to see what they look like and get my little assessment," said Stallworth. "I don't see enough of them to get an assessment.  I enjoy being here and back in the atmosphere. I wish I could stay around a little longer and see day to day how they develop."

One player he has had the opportunity to assess is wide receiver Antonio Brown. He has watched Brown progress since his rookie year and likes what he sees.

"He is exceptional," said Stallworth. "I talk to some people around the league, in different league cities, and he is one of the top guys in the league right now. He does it and he does it extremely well. From my understanding he works extremely hard. I would put him right up there with any wide receiver in the league. We are very fortunate that he is a Pittsburgh Steeler.

"He runs with the ball, he catches the ball extremely well. He has good quickness left to right. He is fast. I can't think of anything he doesn't do well. He goes up after the ball well. He is a very intelligent young man. He has all of the skills."

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