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Shazier: 'The games get more intense'


It's a rivalry that continues to grow, continues to become more intense with each game. And with so much on the line this week, the Steelers-Bengals game in Cincinnati is something everyone is talk about.

  • Linebacker Ryan Shazier on the intensity of the Steelers-Bengals rivalry:
    "It's one of those matchups that the more we play them, the more we don't like them and the games get more intense. It's fun because it makes the games more important. You are playing somebody and it means something. You want to beat them just as bad as they want to beat you."
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Safety Mike Mitchell on the Bengals play:**
"They have a lot of good players, are well coached, jumped out to a good start and were able to sustain it. We lost to them once this year. You never want to lose, especially to these guys. We let them get that one. We have to bounce back and play better. It's our turn to get revenge at their place."

  • Coach Mike Tomlin on the Bengals success:
    "There's really no secret why the Bengals are 10-2. If you look at them, in a variety of ways you come to the same end. They are really solid and a well-balanced football team in all areas. They have quality players in all areas. They have continuity, whether it's players or coaches or both in all three phases. I think that continuity and talent is showing in the result."
  • Tackle Marcus Gilbert on the rivalry:
    "It's obvious. We don't like them. They have been winning, playing good football. It's our job to go in there and take the air out of this thing. We have a chip on our shoulder. It's a division game. This one means a lot to us. There is a lot at stake. We didn't get the job done last game and this game our guys are going to be ready to really play Steelers football."
  • Receiver Antonio Brown on the Bengals defense:
    "They have a great defensive line. They have three or four guys who are real disruptive that help the guys on the back end."
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