Ryan Mundy Conference Call




Position – College

6th Round – 194th Overall

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Ryan Mundy: 

What were your thoughts and did you think that they were going to draft you?

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Initially I knew that the Steelers were interested in me when they came down to my pro day. They really took me by surprise because I really didn't hear too much about them prior to my pro day. After my pro day, and I did well there, they obviously had me up there for a visit. I knew that there was some interest there from the organization. I was just hoping that it would work out and fortunately it did.

You were a high recruit coming out of high school and then you kind of left town. Did you receive any negative feedback for that?

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Not really. It was an experience for me because I easily could have stayed at home and gone to Pitt and stayed in a comfort zone but my mother really pushed me to get out of the city and get out on my own and see things for myself and that really helped me mature with the situations that I have been through. Like I said it is full circle now; I am coming back home and it feels good.

When you didn't get invited to the combine how did you take that?

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I would say that I was a little disappointed because I feel that I should have been at the combine but it didn't give me any added motivation because there is already a lot at stake for me so it was like if I am not going to the combine then I will do what I have to do at my pro day. It didn't really change my approach at all because I was going to work hard regardless of whether or not I got invited to the combine. I feel like everything works for a reason and this is another step in the process.

If you would have stayed at Michigan for your fifth season do you think you would have been drafted?

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Honestly, yes. I just needed a fresh start and West Virginia provided that opportunity to me. I'm thankful to Coach Rod (Rodriguez) and his staff for bringing me and also I am thankful to the West Virginia fans for taking me in as one of their own for a year.

Why did you leave Michigan?

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Like I said before I just needed a fresh start.  I could have stayed at Michigan but you know I felt like the opportunity came for me to go to West Virginia so I said to myself "sometimes in life you have to take risks." This was definitely one risk that I took that worked out in my favor.

How do you feel about being reunited with LaMarr Woodley?

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It feels great because LaMarr is one of my best friends and was one of my best friends up there at Michigan. He called me and sent me a couple of texts but I haven't talked to him yet. It definitely feels great to be reunited with him because like I said he was one of my best friends at Michigan.

What are some of your favorite Steelers' memories growing up and who were some of your favorite players?

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Well I liked Bam Morris and I loved Rod Woodson, he was my guy. I also liked Carnell Lake, Greg Lloyd, Kevin Greene. The funny thing is a lot of people in my family give me slack because the funny thing is when the Steelers went to the Super Bowl against the Cowboys I was actually rooting for the Cowboys because I was the ultimate Deion Sanders fan. Wherever Deion was, that was who I was rooting for.

After spurning the city for college, and rooting against the Steelers in the Super Bowl, you end up a Pittsburgh Steeler.

It's funny how things work out.  That just seems to be a pattern in my life.  I leave Michigan to go to West Virginia, and then the West Virginia coaches leave to go to Michigan.  It's kind of a reoccurring theme in my life, but it's fine and I'm looking forward to the best.  I have better years ahead of me.

Scouts said that you would be a great late-round pick because you came in to West Virginia in one year and understood the system, and got everybody lined up.

That's something that I really don't have a problem with.  I have a high I.Q. for the game.  The game, as I became older, really came easy to me.  I understand schemes.  I understand defensive schemes, I understand offensive schemes.  The West Virginia defense was a little different at first, but my responsibility wasn't different.  I play half, I play the deep third, but I like to understand the whole structure of the defense.  Initially, that was a little difficult because they play a 3-3-5.  After a while, I definitely got a grasp of it.  Then I obviously helped the linebackers, helped the d-line and everybody else on the team.

Where do you stand academically?

I graduated from the University of Michigan this time last year, and I started my graduate work at West Virginia in May, so I'm half way through my graduate degree in athletic coaching.  I have 17 out of 36 credits.

You went to Woodland Hills – what town are you from?

I grew up on the West End of town, and then I moved out to Wilkins Township my 10th grade year.  I started at Woodland Hills my 10th grade year.

Did you play at all with Steve Breaston?

Yeah.  Steve and I played together two seasons in high school.  One in college, two in high school. I used to give Steve a hard time because he never really threw me the ball in high school.  I really couldn't get too mad at him because he was breaking loose for 80-yard touchdowns.

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Did you play a lot of special teams at either West Virginia or Michigan, and do you expect to play special teams here?

I started my career on special teams at Michigan.  My freshman year, I did redshirt, but that was my primary role.  I played on every special team.  Throughout my career I played on a variety of special teams, pretty much every situation that you can get on special teams.  At West Virginia, I played primarily on the punt team, but I was a fill-in here and there on the other teams – kickoff, kick return, things like that.  But as far as coming in to the Steelers organization, I definitely expect to contribute on special teams.  I'll accept my role right now and do whatever I can to get on the field.  Special teams, or whatever the coaches ask me to do, I'm willing to do it.

Ryan, who is your agent?

Lamont Smith.

What is your size?

I measured in at my pro day at 6-1-and-a-quarter, and 215 pounds.

Did the Steelers mention free safety or strong safety for you?

We haven't had that discussion yet, but I played free safety throughout my college career, so that's where I'm expecting to play, but if they ask me to line up at strong safety I'll be lining up there.

How does it feel to be drafted by your local team?test
* *
Oh man, it is crazy and I have definitely come full circle. This is a very exciting time for me and my family right now. We are just enjoying the moment. We have been sitting here all day just watching TV and waiting and I couldn't really ask for a better place than to come back home and play for the hometown Steelers.

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