Redman looking to rebound this week

Last Sunday afternoon wasn't an easy one for running back Isaac Redman, who managed only nine yards on eight carries in a 16-9 loss to the Tennessee Titans. Redman also fumbled twice, including losing the ball at the five-yard line to kill the Steelers' opening drive.

Sunday night wasn't much easier.

"I couldn't sleep after the game," said Redman. "I wasn't happy with myself, I wasn't happy with how I played. I am trying to put it behind me, but I am such a competitor I couldn't let it go for a couple of days. It kind of stuck with me."

He has received plenty of encouragement from his teammates, and while he appreciates that he is hoping to never repeat a scenario where he needs his teammates to try and pick him up.

"A bunch of guys told me keep your head up, asked are you okay, we know what you can do," said Redman. "I don't want guys to have to say that to me. If guys are saying that to you it means you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing.

"I would rather guys walk by and say you are doing good out there. I don't want them to have to say keep your head up. I am just looking to go out and perform."

It wasn't just Redman that struggled in the ground game. The entire offense couldn't get anything established, putting up only 32 yards rushing.

"We just need to work to get better, starting with myself," he said. "I need to take care of the ball better. It was an all around bad game for the running game. It's really a whole group effort."

Coach Mike Tomlin said on Tuesday that while Redman had a bad game he would give him a chance to redeem himself this week against the Cincinnati Bengals. Redman is ready to do just that.

"Just to know Coach is sticking with me and still has faith in me gives me that motivation," said Redman. "I still have faith in myself. Now it's behind me and I am ready to go out here and perform. Once you go out and play well you forget about the negative plays. I just need to go out there and play better.

"The most important thing is to be confident and put everything behind you. In this league you have another chance and Monday night I am going to go out there, put it behind me, play and do what I do."

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