Quotes from camp ahead of Friday Night Lights

Head Coach Mike Tomlin

Opening Statement:Another good day today, a beautiful day. Beautiful day to get better. A little ebb and flow. Some positive things, some negative things from both sides, like it always is this time of year. The big thing for us is to keep as many of these guys healthy and working as we can. I think that the more we get an opportunity to snap it, we are going to grow individually and collectively. I like where those guys are from that standpoint. No injuries, really, to speak of. A couple of guys that missed today: [BJ] Finney should practice tomorrow. Cortez Allen should practice tomorrow. I will probably continue to watch Mike Mitchell for a day or two. All of the other guys, the PUP List guys, are status quo. Good work from Maurkice Pouncey today with his rehab staff. He's probably the closest of that group.


The Pittsburgh Steelers took on day two of practice in pads at Saint Vincent College.

A guy like Kelvin Beachum, a seventh-round pick. You've seen a lot of them come and go, and most go. When did you see that he could become what he has turned into?**
Immediately. He just has a professional, business-like approach to everything that he does. He's got some distinguishing characteristics about him in terms of how he approaches his business that are pretty good windows into his ability to do what you see him do. He's a special guy, a hardworking guy.

You talked a lot about conditioning coming into camp. Does conditioning factor into [a player's] overall ability to stay healthy?
It certainly does, particularly from a soft tissue standpoint, the things that cause you to miss a day or two here or there and fall off the pace. Those are usually soft tissue injuries related to fatigue and/or dehydration. The best thing that you can do is stay ahead of that, stay hydrated, but also stay ahead of it from a conditioning standpoint.

Your impressions of Landry Jones so far?
I thought he had a good day today. Just largely I haven't quantified it in any way. He did some nice things with the extra snaps we gave him today. That's all you're looking for when you take the time to give a guy an extra snap or two. You'd like to see him take advantage of it with execution, and I thought he did that.

Re: Breaking the routine tomorrow night under the lights and breaking away from this and hopefully a little cooler:
It is the same thing just changing the time and location. But I will take it. I look forward to the Friday night lights and obviously it is a great atmosphere over there, but in terms of the work and the process, it is cookie cutter. It is going to be the same.* *

T/G Kelvin Beachum

Do you find Coach Munchak being a little more nit-picky than he was last year?
Not so much nit-picky as he is teaching us to find areas of improvement. There are things from a running and passing standpoint that we could do better. We want to be one of the best offenses in the league, and to do that we have to do things more efficiently.

Can you speak to your evolution, coming in as a seventh rounder to where you are now?
I'm surrounded by great coaches and a great offensive line. There are a lot of workers on our offensive line. [Maurkice] Pouncey, [Marcus] Gilbert, [David] DeCastro, Ramon [Foster]. Then there have been Steelers who have come before me like Max Starks and Willie Colon who I still lean on in the summertime. I've just been blessed to have great people around me to allow me to continue to evolve and learn.

What is it about Coach Munchak that makes him such a great coach?
I think he's just so detail-oriented in everything that he does. The way he prepares and the way that he works, that's a big reason that he's in the Hall of Fame. He takes pride in everything that he does.

LB Vince Williams


Did you like the intensity of backs on backers yesterday?**
It is always good. The first day of pads everyone gets hyped up. I just feel like I went out there and did what a linebacker is supposed to do.

Do you like the way your camp is progressing?
Yeah, so far, but it is still really early. We haven't played any games and we have only been in pads one day so it's hard to give a good rating on how it has been. I'm still just trying to progress every day.

Do you feel good about your game?
I feel solid about it. I am developing and growing as a player. I am trying to become a complete player, and I just think that takes a lot of work and effort.

Speak to the talent and the depth of you guys have on the inside and outside?
I feel like the linebackers are going to be a strong group on this team. I feel like it has to be if we want to be the type of defense we want to be. I think we have a tremendous amount of talent. We have a lot of first-round picks and we have a lot of guys that are going to contribute.

Can you speak to the atmosphere and the fans up close and the autograph signing for night practice?
It reminds me a lot of high school. I am from Florida and we take high school football very seriously, and obviously they do here in Pennsylvania as well. It just reminds me those Friday night games with everybody in the city showing up and the stadium is packed.

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