Qualifying offers made to restricted free agents


Steelers Make Qualifying Offers to Restricted Free Agents
PITTSBURGH ― The Steelers announced today that three restricted free agents have received qualifying offers from the team. The tenders offered to the players secure the right for the Steelers to match any contract offers made by other clubs. The terms of the tenders were not released.
Three restricted free agents received tenders, including OT Willie Colon, CB Anthony Madison and TE Sean McHugh. Restricted free agents have three accrued seasons in the NFL and have completed the terms of their contracts. The Steelers would have the right of first refusal and/or the rights to draft choice compensation if any of their restricted free agents who received a tender were to sign with another team.
Two exclusive rights free agents, FB Carey Davis and OT Jeremy Parquet, also received tenders from the Steelers. Exclusive rights free agents may not negotiate with other teams once they receive a qualifying offer. Players with fewer that three accrued NFL seasons whose contracts have expired become exclusive rights free agents.
Restricted and exclusive rights free agents who do not receive qualifying offers from their team become free agents and are free to negotiate with any NFL club.

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