Prisuta's Further Review: 'We have to fight on'


ST. LOUIS - The consensus in the immediate aftermath of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger going down and out against the Rams was that whatever the prognosis the show would have to go on.

"Obviously, Ben's got a knee, he's being evaluated," head coach Mike Tomlin said of Roethlisberger's status. "We'll get him an MRI."

Others in the visitor's locker room at the Edward Jones Dome were more expansive after the Steelers' over the Rams.

Guard Ramon Foster: "We can't seize up and act like it's the end of the world. We have to fight on. It's early in the season and we'll see what happens after this."

Tight end Heath Miller: "He's your starting quarterback, you see him being carted to the locker room it's not a good feeling. But injuries are part of the game and if he's down then we have Mike (Vick) who's going to step in and we have to keep rolling. We feel like we're a team, and a team is greater than one person. He's a big part of our team but if he's not with us we gotta go."

Running back Le'Veon Bell: "It sucks. I was out there. I instantly started praying for him. I still don't know how serious it was and I didn't see what happened. I just saw him down. I was just praying for the best."

Vick: "I was kinda stunned. You never want to see a guy like Ben go down. We all want it to work out for him and we just have to keep our fingers crossed. Ben's a great guy. He's a guy we all look up to in this locker room. He's the centerpiece and I was brought here for a reason so I have to hold it down until 'Super Seven' gets back."

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