Prisuta's Further Review: The instructions were simple


SAN DIEGO**- Running back Le'Veon Bell's assignment was specific but the details were left open to interpretation.

"I don't over-coach (Bell)," Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin admitted. "The qualities that make him what he is are unique.

"They're not coached things."

So Bell was given the simplest of instructions with five seconds left in regulation and the ball at the San Diego half-yard line on Monday night.

"Get the ball in the end zone," Bell reported. "'Seven'(Ben Roethlisberger) came to me, he was like, 'Man, don't do too much dancing, get the ball over there so just in case you don't (score), we'll be able to call timeout.' In my head I was just thinking I have to get the ball in right now because I don't want it to come down to a timeout, a field goal play, overtime.

The Pittsburgh Steelers traveled to Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California to face the Chargers in Week 5.

"We had an opportunity to end it right there. That's what I wanted to do."

Bell crossed the goal line with no time remaining in the fourth quarter in what became a down-to-the-final-second, come-from-behind, 24-20 victory at Qualcomm Stadium.

The Steelers still had one timeout remaining, but running a play from the Wildcat formation threatened to use up the remaining five seconds.

The Steelers ran it, anyway.

"I'm going to have time to call timeout, I feel that way, I'm hoping that I do," Tomlin explained. "But we gotta run the football. We have Le'Veon Bell. We had an opportunity to win the game. We gotta play to win and that's what we did."

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