Plenty of Steelers' mania at NFL Fan Rally


London – Regent Street in London was taken over by the NFL on Saturday with the NFL Fan Rally, which included Steelers and Vikings players.

Steelers' Coach Mike Tomlin, along with Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Heath Miller, LaMarr Woodley, Lawrence Timmons, Ryan Clark, Ike Taylor and Troy Polamalu all spoke to the crowd and we're welcomed with Terrible Towels and huge ovations.

"We are just excited to be here powered by the fan support for this football game," said Tomlin. "It's an honor to represent you guys. We appreciate the fan support, we are excited about this football game and we are honored to be here."

Miller was welcomed the traditional "Heeeeeath" cheer, that was almost as loud as what you hear in Heinz Field on a Sunday afternoons.

"It's pretty breathtaking," said Miller of the huge crowd. "Here we are in London and the fan support is awesome. We are excited to be here."

Steelers' jerseys and black and gold could be seen not just on Regent Street, but all over London on Saturday.

"It shows that what the NFL is trying to do getting the game global is working," said Clark. "It also shows how strong Steelers Nation is to have so many fans here. It's really awesome. It shows the game is huge, but also that our organization is huge."

Debbie Catarino traveled from Pittsburgh for the game and was excited to be enjoying all of the pregame fun.

"I have been a lifelong Steelers fan so traveling to see them is fun, and this trip has become something of a get together for me and several friends from different areas of the country that are Steelers fans," said Catarino. "This is really exciting and wonderful. The last thing I put into my suitcase was my Terrible Towel."

Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney, President Art Rooney II, as well as former Steelers Franco Harris and Craig Bingham also attended and were greeted with the same thunderous ovation.

"It's great to be in London," said Art Rooney II. "It's great to see so many fans here."

Taylor, who has thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the people of London, continued that on Saturday.

"Shout out to London," said Taylor. "There are so many Steelers fan here. When you say black and gold, they are everywhere. I don't say it just to say it. We have a following like no other."

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