Players' post-game reaction

Linebacker LaMarr Woodley:

Was it a big deal at the end when you took yourself out of the game?
"It was no big deal. I just got a little fatigued. So I got out."

Can you put a finger on what happened tonight?"We let them convert on the third down situations. We had them good in third down situations, and we allowed them to get out of that. They continued to march the ball down the field and that is what happened."

How frustrating is it that Baltimore loses and you guy's are in good position and just can't get it done?"It is a little frustrating. We still have two more games, and we still control our own destiny." Tight End Heath Miller:

How does it feel being able to move the ball down the field and not be able to take advantage tonight?
"We got beat by a good football team, give them credit. I think if you replay our comments from Wednesday on how they win games, it would probably sum this game up. They play good defense solid in the red zone, and they force turnovers. We didn't help ourselves with some penalties, but it was their type of game they have played all year."

Ben was a little wild in the warm up tonight, that is not what we normally see out of him is it?"I commend him for gutting it out tonight. Just to be out there with us, says a lot about him. The guys on this team appreciate that."

It was a weird night with lights going out twice and it was just a bizarre game start to finish wasn't it?"That has never happened in my playing career with the lights going out twice. What matters is what happens between the lines, and they took it to us. We have to give them a lot of credit."

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