Players adjusting to Haley's offense

Steelers' players have gotten their first look at offensive coordinator Todd Haley's playbook and so far they have been picking it up with ease.

"He has been making it simple for guys to understand," said wide receiver Antonio Brown. "It's been really fun. It was great to get out and start to run some of the plays. It's going to be great when guys get on the same page and start executing it."

Brown and fellow wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders have already dug deep into the playbook, and while they have work ahead of them, things are moving along well.

"It's going to be a good year," said Sanders. "I am loving the offense right now. It's based off of play action. We have a lot more of the offense to put in, but right now we are heading in the right direction."

One player who is going to be called to execute it right away is Isaac Redman, who will be the Steelers starting running back when the season opens with Rashard Mendenhall still working his way back from an ACL injury.

"For me, being in the league a couple of years now, I am picking it up faster than the younger guys," said Redman. "It's not too difficult for us. Everybody is out here working together, helping each other out, discussing things so that when the season comes around we should be clicking on all cylinders."

Running back Baron Batch barely had a chance to learn Bruce Arians'offense last year before he was injured in training camp, missing the entire season. He likes the approach that Haley has brought to the offense, being a hands-on coach who is teaching as they go.

"It's a learning process, but everyone is getting the hang of it and it almost flows easily as far as the no-huddle calls and just the way the numbering system works and the way the plays are called," said Batch. "It's easier for me to learn than some of the other offenses I have been in.

"I think Coach Haley does a really good job of explaining everything and being real hands on, showing what he wants done. When you have a coach like that players pick up on it quicker. He shows you how he wants it and I appreciate that."

One noticeable change already made in the offense is moving Willie Colon from tackle to left guard. Colon is content with the change, and also likes the look of the new offense.

"From just being around him you can tell he is a passionate coach and strong minded," said Colon. "I am not against change. It helps us explore different dynamics of what this offense can be. We know we can be a running team. That is our mold. We just have dynamic receivers and a great quarterback that we can throw the ball.

"He brings a great sense of balance and is going to feed to both of our strengths so it's going to be exciting."

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