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Pittsburgh pays its respects

A photo gallery of images spanning the life and career of Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney.

The lives he touched, they are far too numerous to count. The stories people have, they are endless.

On Monday, those stories were flowing at Heinz Field, as people paid their respects to Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney during a public viewing.

One by one, by the hundreds, they arrived. Some in business suits, but more in jerseys and black and gold.

There was the woman who met him at one of his book signings, who was touched by his kindness. There was the head of one of the biggest charities in the city, a charity that was able to help so many because of his kindness.

There were Hall of Famers and former players who talked about how much Mr. Rooney did for them in life.  

There were clergy and police officers, friends and strangers, fans and those who didn't even know much about football.

One look at the flowers spoke volumes. There were some from NFL teams, an arrangement from Garth Brooks, and from former players and coaches. There were also ones from a local restaurant, where Mr. Rooney's Lenten fish sandwiches often came from, another from a carpenters union, and one from a doorman at hotel where he stayed.

It was all a fitting tribute to a man who was loved and respected from every walk of life.

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