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Opponents View: What did T.Y. Hilton tell AB?


The Steelers host the Indianapolis Colts at Heinz Field on Sunday Night Football, and they had plenty to say about the Steelers.

Here is a look at what was said about Antonio Brown, Ben Roethlisberger and more.

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Receiver T.Y. Hilton on Antonio Brown, who he grew up with in the Liberty City area of Miami, Florida:**
"Our relationship is remarkable. We always stay in touch. We always talk about going out there and putting on a show. We look forward to it this week. I told him to have his nachos and cheese ready with extra cheese. I told him I will be ready, make sure you are ready as well.

"One thing with me and him you can't teach heart and that is what we both have. We are not afraid to go across the middle. We are both dynamic when we have the ball in our hands. We look forward to the matchup on Sunday."

  • Coach Chuck Pagano on Antonio Brown:"He is a great competitor, extremely fast, quick. It's really hard to cover this guy. He is a great route runner. He can run the whole route tree. He can run by anybody in this league. He has great burst, long speed, catch and run, and yards after catch. Just a dynamic guy and his numbers reveal that. It will be a huge challenge trying to keep him contained."
  • Cornerback Vontae Davis on the Steelers receivers:
    "They are probably the best receiver corps we have faced this year. All of those guys are good. They are different skill sets but are good at what they do.

"Antonio Brown plays hard, he competes hard. It's an all day challenge with him."

  • Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck on the Steelers secondary:
    "They are really aggressive in blitzing, so their defensive backs are a lot of times banking on people getting home. A lot of times the Steelers do get home. I don't know what they're ranked, but they seem to have a lot of sacks, and they seem to get home quite a bit.

"I point to Mike Mitchell as probably the leader of that group, a guy who I think is tremendously talented. In their coverage, they're so close. There is such a fine line between giving up a big play and making a play. They've given up some big plays, but they're right there. They're in position, they are just maybe disguising a little too long. Quite honestly, sometimes it's just the way the ball bounces. They're good. I think they're good in the secondary. We have our work cut out for us this week. They do a good job of winning on first downs, which sometimes is tough for an offense on third down. I've got a tremendous amount of respect for not only the players on their defense, but the coaches."

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