Opponents View: Bengals on Ben, Bell


The Steelers host the Cincinnati Bengals at Heinz Field on Sunday, and you know their AFC North rivals have a lot to say about the game.

Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis gives his take on the quarterback situation and more.


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On if he's preparing for Ben Roethlisberger and if he thinks he will start:**
"I would imagine he will start, yes."

On Keith Butler's defense:
"I think he's done a really good job, which I expected. They're being aggressive and guys are fitting into their spots, they're understanding. They have some new parts in their secondary and they're playing really hard. They're physical and they tackle."On Sunday's game:
"It's a big football game. It's a division game on the road again, and I think that's really important. The Steelers won the division last year and they beat us twice, so this is an important game in our division. One of your fundamental goals is to win the AFC North. This is an important game."

On his experiences with Mike Tomlin over the years:
"We generally talk about the situation, what's going on with each other and so forth. We talk about his family and so forth. The last two or three years Mike has been on the competition committee, so we got the chance to spend more time together, and I got the chance to get to know him. We just talk about coach things."On Le'Veon Bell:
"He's got great vision, great patience. He's strong, he's big and he's long. He's an outstanding runner."

On Heath Miller:
"Heath is a talented player, as a blocker and a receiver. You really have to always be conscious of him, you can't go to sleep on him. They use him in isolation routes and so forth, when he's got a one-on-one matchup.**"

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