On The Field: Jerricho Cotchery


Wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery talked after an OTA session:What do you expect from the rookies and the veterans this year?We expect everyone to just come out and put their head down and work. We're not going to sit around and talk about what we're going to do. We're just going to go out and work. Last year was a disappointing year for us, so we just have to put in the work, get better as a team and strive towards our goal.How tough is it going to be for a guy like rookie WR Markus Wheaton to miss this and then try to come in during training camp?This process is huge in the offseason. We'll be able to catch him up. You never get these reps back, even these reps are valuable to veterans. We'll just catch him up and hopefully he'll just hit the ground running once he gets here.Do you think there is any fall off in the wide receiver group this year? Or do you think this group can be more productive than the one last year?I think we can be a good group. Last year we could have been a lot better than we were, obviously. Right now, we're just working. We're working as a group. We know we have to better as a team but specifically as a group, we just have our head down and we're taking in all of the coaching that is being given to us. We're making sure that translates to success out here on the field.What are you looking to improve on this year?**Well we have to make plays. That's the bottom line. As receivers, when it comes down to it, when the ball is in the air it has to be ours or nobody else's. We expect it to be ours. When we make those plays, it creates momentum, yardage and touchdowns and we can go from there. Early on in the year we were making those plays and it just dropped off. We just have to get back to it.

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