Offseason Program sked announced

The Steelers' 2013 offseason program will begin on Monday, April 15, and it will conclude with a three-day mandatory minicamp scheduled for mid-June.

According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, each team's voluntary nine-week offseason program is conducted in three phases:

Phase One spans the first two weeks of the program, with activities limited to strength and conditioning and physical rehabilitation only. Phase Two spans three weeks of the program, and during that time the on-field workouts may include individual player instruction and drills, as well as team practice conducted on a "separates" basis. No live contact or team offense vs. team defense drills are permitted. Phase Three spans four weeks, during which teams may conduct up to 10 days of organized team activities (OTAs) during which no live contact is permitted, but 7-on-7, 9-on-7, and 11-on-11 drills are permissible.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement allows for all teams to hold one mandatory minicamp for veteran players, and it must occur during Phase Three of the offseason program. Teams with new head coaches are allowed one additional voluntary veteran minicamp.

The dates of the Steelers' OTAs are: May 21-23, May 28-30, June 3-6. The Steelers will hold their minicamp on June 11-13.

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