Offensive linemen excited to work with Munchak

Steelers' offensive linemen are looking forward to OTAs when they can work with new line coach Mike Munchak, a Hall of Fame guard for the Houston Oilers from 1982-93.

Guard David DeCastro and center Maurkice Pouncey both weighed in with their thoughts on Munchak being their coach and what he can do for the line.

DeCastro on Munchak:


On him being the new offensive line coach:** "I am hugely excited. Any time you get a guy like that, his resume speaks for itself. I can't wait to be able to pick his brain. I am sure he will have a ton of good stuff for us to make us better players and a better unit."

On Munchak helping the offensive line grow: "I think we have grown up since last year, but we have a long way to go in terms of maturity. We can still be molded and there is room for improvement in areas."

On what he knows about Munchak the player: "I never watched him, but I know of him and that he was a very, very good player."

Pouncey on Munchak:

On him being the new offensive line coach: "It doesn't get much better than that. I am so excited. Just the preparation throughout the week that he will bring, I know from him being a player, a coach, him being through the whole process it will make it easier for us come game time. I am so excited for it. The things he can teach us technique wise, the way he blocked. Us being a young offensive line we can take that and excel."

On Munchak being able to help the young offensive line: "He is going to be awesome. The technique he can bring, the pass protection, the run game stuff he can bring. I think all of the guys are ready to learn it and help their game improve. Nobody has an agenda. Everyone here wants to get better. I think we have the right group here. Everyone here wants to be great leaders on the offensive line and take advantage and go out there and help this team win."

On picking his brain for tips: "I am pretty sure he is getting used to the plays here, getting ready to coach us. We haven't had the opportunity. I am looking forward to OTAs to get to do it."

On what he knows about Munchak the player: "When I came in here, as a center I heard of Dermontti Dawson and Mike Webster but hadn't watched them. It's the same thing with Coach Munchak. I am definitely going to take some things from coach and put it in my game."

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