Nothing too big, swarming, play his game

Each week Steelers' defensive coordinator Keith Butler, offensive coordinator Todd Haley and special teams coordinator Danny Smith share their insight in exclusive interviews that can be heard on SNR every Thursday beginning at 12 noon.

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Great competitor: Last week Chris Boswell set an NFL and Steelers postseason record with his six field goals in the 18-16 win over the Chiefs, and special teams coordinator Danny Smith didn't seem surprised that he stepped up the way that he did.

"Nothing is too big for that kid," said Smith. "It really isn't. Nothing is too big for him. He wants to be challenged, he is a great competitor. He wants to set other people up for situations. He loves to perform. When you have a guy like that who wants to be coached, who likes to be coached, it makes my job a lot easier. He has been very productive, he will continue to do so because of his work habits, his study habits, his work ethic, his attention to detail. He has a lot of positive traits we look for in a kicker and it shows."

Swarming D: It's something defensive coordinator Keith Butler has been preaching for a while now, and he isn't about to change his tune as the Steelers prepare to take on New England in the AFC Championship Game. Butler is all about swarming on defense, especially when the situation arises.

"Sometimes the defenses you are in allow you to swarm a little bit more," said Tomlin. "Man-to-man coverage you have your back to the ball quite a bit, zone coverage you can see the ball. As a consequence everybody should be going towards the ball in zone coverage. We have to make sure we do that. They are going to try and get their guys the ball. When they get the ball, if one of us misses, then somebody else has to come make the play. We just have to continue to do that."

Playing his game: Ben Roethlisberger is the field general for the Steelers, the guy who leads them every week and is someone they know they can depend on. Offensive coordinator Todd Haley said he is going to need Roethlisberger to continue along that path this week, and know that he can depend on his teammates to come through as well.

"Just need him to play his game," said Haley. "No different than anybody else. He's got to do his job. He's got to trust the teammates around him that they are going to do theirs. As he has done this year and past years, really as he has been playing at a high level, he's got to trust them and put the ball where it's supposed to go. He has been doing that."

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