NFL owners adopt new playing rules

NFL owners held a virtual meeting on Wednesday with several items up for a vote, some passing, and some not taking the next step just yet.
Among the items that passed includes eliminating overtime in the preseason.

Another change is allowing certain positions to now wear numbers in the single digits. Included in the group that can now wear single digit numbers are defensive backs, linebackers, running backs, fullbacks, tight ends, H-backs and wide receivers. Defensive backs and linebackers are permitted to wear any number from 1 to 49. Running backs, fullbacks, tight ends, H-backs and wide receivers can now wear any number from 1 to 49 and 80 to 89.

Numbers for quarterbacks, punters and kickers will not change as they still must wear jersey numbers between 1 and 19, while linemen will continue to wear 50 to 79, and defensive linemen and linebackers also have the option to wear 90 to 99.

Full details of the proposals that passed are below.

The below playing rules and bylaws were adopted by NFL clubs today:

Approved 2021 Playing Rules Summary

By Competition Committee; to amend Rule 16, to eliminate overtime in the preseason.

By Competition Committee; to amend Rule 6, Section 1, Article 3, for one year only, to establish a maximum number of players in the setup zone.

By Competition Committee, Coaches Subcommittee, and Baltimore; to amend Rule 15, Section 3, Article 9, and Rule 19, Section 2, to permit the Replay Official and designated members of the Officiating department to provide certain objective information to the on-field officials.

By Chicago; to amend Rule 11, Section 3, Article 3, to ensure the enforcement of all accepted penalties committed by either team during successive Try attempts.

By Los Angeles Rams; to amend Rule 8, Section 1, Article 2, to add a loss of down for a second forward pass from behind the line and for a pass thrown after the ball returns behind the line.

By Kansas City Chiefs; to amend Rule 5, Section 1, Article 2, to expand jersey number options for certain positions.

Approved 2021 Bylaws Summary

By Competition Committee; to amend Article XII, Section 12.4 of the Constitution and Bylaws to require clubs to submit tryouts and visits to the League office throughout the entire year; however, such transactions will only be reported to clubs from the start of training camp through the conclusion of the Super Bowl, unless it is with a Restricted or Unrestricted Free Agent.

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