NFL football returns to L.A.


NFL owners gathered in Houston, Texas for the League Meeting on Tuesday, but the focus was clearly on Los Angeles, California, as owners voted on relocating a team to the L.A. area.

The NFL approved the St. Louis Rams moving to Inglewood, California, by a 30-2 vote, and the San Diego Chargers still have the option to join them anytime in the next year.

"The NFL owners approved the return of the Los Angeles Rams to the market starting with the 2016 season," said Commissioner Roger Goodell, who said a new stadium will open in 2019. "This agreement also allows the Chargers to relocate to Los Angeles as well. If they do not exercise that option, the Raiders would have the option also to move to Los Angeles with the Rams."

While Goodell said there is excitement in relocating to the Los Angeles market after being without a team for 21 years, relocation is tough as well.

"It's painful for the fans, for communities, for the teams, and for the league in general," said Goodell. "Stability is something we have taken great pride in."

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