Murphy: 'I am trying to show all of my skill sets'


LATROBE, Pa. – It could easily be a scenario where Tyler Murphy's head is spinning. Where he could be asked to jump from quarterback to wide receiver and back on a day-to-day basis, even in the same practice.

But that isn't the way the Steelers are handling the rookie out of Boston College. It's been methodical this camp, with Murphy working at quarterback for a week, receiver for a week. The focus those weeks solely on the position where he is lined up in practice.

"That was the game plan coming into camp," said Murphy. 'When I am at quarterback, focus on quarterback. When I am at receiver, focus solely on receiver.

"When I was at quarterback I did some running after practice because I knew I was going to be at receiver soon, just to stay in shape. Now that I am at receiver I stay afterwards, do some drops and work on my mechanics at quarterback, just for the physical side. But the focus in practice, meetings, is on the one position."

This week, it's receiver for Murphy.  

"It's been good. I am able to just concentrate on receiver," said Murphy. "It allows me to really detail what my job is and what I am trying to get done. Hopefully it will pay off and I will see good results this Sunday versus the Packers."

Murphy said the early indication he has received is he will work at receiver and special teams when the Steelers host the Green Bay Packers on Sunday at 1 p.m. at Heinz Field. And he is hoping working at both positions pays off when game time arrives.

"It allows me when I am at quarterback to understand better what the receivers are going through," said Murphy. "When I am at receiver I am able to understand what the quarterbacks are going through. It gives me an edge because I know what they are thinking.

"If I am at receiver I know if they see a coverage, they are going to work this defender and maybe try and occupy the defender and open someone else up. I am able to help guys out when I am at quarterback. I am able to anticipate throws a little better because as a receiver I know I want the ball at this spot. It helps me get a feel for both positions and do better at each position."

He is hoping it really helps him when roster cut days arrive, and that his versatility is something that can benefit the team.

"Coach (Mike) Tomlin always says the more you can do," said Murphy. "I am trying to show my versatility at quarterback, wide receiver or special teams. I am trying to show all of my skill sets."

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