Mike Mitchell: 'I am here to play football'


Safety Mike Mitchell, who joined the Steelers this offseason after one year in Carolina and the previous four in Oakland, is taking part in Phase One of the offseason program, which consists of strength and conditioning and physical rehabilitation activities only.
*Mitchell, who has 205 career tackles and six interceptions, shared his thoughts on a variety of subjects.


On getting started with the offseason program:** "I am excited to get to work. I am a football player. I am here to play football. That's what I am here to do and excited about doing. Everyone is here working hard and I can't wait for the season."

On the big turnout of players for the program: "It shows how committed this team is to winning. Everyone wants to get that seventh championship. Everyone wants to do what we can to win it. You see that from the commitment of guys coming in early. It isn't mandatory so it's good to see that."

On using this time to get to know teammates and build that relationship: "The earlier you can start the foundation of getting to know guys and their work ethic and things like that the better. I already know Shamarko (Thomas) is a hard worker and that is good to see. I think it's critical. This is when you develop those hard working days before the summer gets here to start working on that bond and trust and I can rely on this guy because he is here when he doesn't have to be."

On his own work ethic: "I have said it. I am a hard working guy. I wanted to show my teammates and coaches I am committed to being here and help us win a championship."

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