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Midway point, do it all & no-huddle

Each week one of the Steelers coordinators will share their insight in an exclusive interview that can be heard on SNR every Thursday in the 3 p.m. hour.

This version of Coordinators Corner will give you a sneak peek of what to expect, but it just touches the surface. Read what they have to say, but take my advice, listen every Thursday for the full interview. It will be worth your time.

Featured this week is offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

Halfway there: The Steelers bye week has traditionally been an opportunity for the coaches to self-assess the team, taking a look at what has worked, what hasn't, and where improvements need to be made. This year it came at the midway point of the season, making it a perfect time to do that assessment.

"It was nice where the bye fell, being at the true halfway point," said Haley. "I love where we are from a record standpoint, but you can always be better. We put ourselves in good position. We have done enough to win six games, and that's is the name of the game. We also know this is a process, one we have to continue to grow and get better and I am excited about watching our guys do that in the second half of the season."


Do it all guy:** Chris Hubbard is one of many players who stepped up in the first half of the season, starting five games at right tackle while Marcus Gilbert was injured, and even starting one game as a blocking tight end.

"He has done an excellent job," said Haley. "I have said that Gil is the best at that position in the league. When you are missing a guy like that, those are pretty big shoes to fill. Hub has stepped in against quality opponents, quality defense and helped us do enough to win. My hat's off to him. He has been in the lineup in a number of different positions and has played at a level for us to be able to win. A do it all guy for us. Very valuable."

Huddle up: Haley talked in detail about the no-huddle, something that hasn't been used as much lately, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been used at all, or that it won't be used moving forward. This is just a snippet of what he said. Listen to the entire interview on SNR for more on the no-huddle offense.

"I know it's waned here in this last quarter," said Haley. "It's something we work on every single day. Sometimes you don't even know we have been in it. We had a couple of third downs against Kansas City where we had big conversions where we went to it for just one play. It's something we put a lot of time into and each game is going to tell a story of how much it's going to be used."

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