Leaders in the Classroom Week 9 winner: Jennifer Hughes


Leaders In The Classroom - Week 9 WinnerJennifer Hughes

Subject taught: Communication/Media Arts 9-12

School: Brentwood High School

Why nominated: Ms. Hughes was nominated by a colleague who says, "Jen is instrumental in planning ongoing professional development in digital media for teachers in about 30 local districts, as well as facilitating professional networks that are crucial for these educators--most of whom are the only educators in their districts teaching the topic matter so they are isolated and in need of sharing resources. Ms. Hughes is a personal lifeline for a lot of her kids. Her laugh peels through the hallways, and she recognizes that her classroom is a respite for her kids with whom she develops an amazing rapport--many take her classes all four years of high school."

Favorite Player: Ben Roethlisberger

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