Leaders in the Classroom Week 14 winner: Michael McNally


Leaders In The Classroom - Week 14 Winner

Michael McNally

Grade: 7th-12th Grade Enrichment Teacher

School: Riverview Junior/Senior High School

Dr. McNally was nominated by a parent who says: "Dr. McNally has sought out numerous innovative opportunities for our very small school and given the students unique experiences that have helped develop their interests and love of education. He has not only been a leader himself, but he has also taught the students how to be leaders in innovation, brought out outstanding qualities in the students that they may not have known they had, and given them a variety of options so they can take advantage of their strengths. What sets him apart most is that he has shown each of our students that they are all gifted in their own way by getting them all involved in something that lets them really apply what they do best and feel good about themselves. There are very few who haven't been touched by him in some way.

We are a very small school, but in large part because of Dr. McNally's leadership in getting us involved in unique programs and competitions, we have become known in the area for our technology and computer science programs. Most importantly, he is a leader in the classroom because he makes each student see how special they are - not because he tells them it is so, but because he shows them how they can use their unique abilities through innovative, competitive, outstanding real-world examples."

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