Lack of sacks, film work & who will it be

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Lacking sacks:** The Steelers defense is accustomed to getting pressure on the quarterback, rattling them and getting sacks. But through three games the team has only one sack, by linebacker Arthur Moats, and defensive coordinator Keith Butler wants to see that change.

"Last year we were third in the league in sacks," said Butler. "We've got to really come on. We're behind right now in terms of sacking people at the rate we want to sack them and putting pressure on the quarterback and making him make decisions he doesn't want to make. We've got to do a better job of that. We will try to do better than we have been. There are some things schematically that we can do better but it really comes down to beating guys, one-on-one, stuff like that. Sometimes guys are double teamed and that makes it tough for them. Everybody that rushes is not double teamed. When you are not double teamed you have to produce."

Growing from it: Monday wasn't a pleasant day of watching film for the Steelers after the 34-3 loss to the Eagles, but it was a necessary evil and one that was used as a learning experience. Offensive coordinator Todd Haley said it was an opportunity for everyone to own up to what they did, and then get back to work and move forward preparing for the Kansas City Chiefs this week.

"You have to get back to work," said Haley. "Everybody has got to look themselves in the eye and be truthful with themselves about what their role in an outcome like that was and get back to work. We had a tough Monday in here where we combed through that game, every play. We always talk to the guys about not being sensitive. You look at it for what it was, what your role was and grow from it."

Making a return: With Eli Rogers categorized as 'very questionable' by Coach Mike Tomlin during his weekly press conference, the hunt for someone else to return punts along with Antonio Brown is on this week. Special teams coordinator Danny Smith didn't tip his hand as to who would be back there with Brown, but said practice this week will determine that.

"We'll be fine there," said Smith. "I don't know if he is going to play or not. Those determinations get made on Friday. We'll work several guys back there this week. They're going to punt the ball at some point and we'll have a returner back there come Sunday. We'll go with the best guy that has the best week of work."

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