Keisel makes an entrance, ready to work

If there is one thing Brett Keisel knows how to do, it's make an entrance.

The 12-year veteran defensive end arrived at training camp last year in a tractor. This year he topped it, pulling up in a black and gold dump truck.

Sporting a #99 hard hat and his signature Da Beard t-shirt, Keisel dumped his luggage from the back and then jumped out ready to get to work.

"Since it's kind of a construction zone here I brought my hard hat," said Keisel. "We are constructing our team. We are excited about this year. I think everyone has written us off but we think we can construct a championship team."

Keisel knows the team has a lot to prove this year after not making the playoffs in 2012. He said now is the time for players to make an impact, especially younger guys.

"The biggest thing we need is our young guys have to step up and seize this moment," said Keisel. "Training is hard, especially for the young guys because they are taking most of the reps. I am excited to watch them and see the strong ones rise up and do things to help us win games. I feel like we are going to be tough."

Keisel, who is in the last year of his contact, said he doesn't know what the future will bring for him, and plans on just going out and giving 100 percent every day.

"I want to enjoy this year," said Keisel. "I don't know what's going to happen with everything. I am going to go out and give it my all and have fun and see what happens. If it is the end, I want to go out on top. I want to go out on top if it's not the end. We'll just see. I am excited to be here. 12 seasons in the NFL is good especially when you get to do it with a great organization like the Pittsburgh Steelers."

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