JuJu takes it to another level

We all know how it goes when we are at work. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours to get everything done that we have to do while we are at the office, so we take work home, do a little extra while sitting around watching television at night.

JuJu Smith-Schuster has taken the take your work home approach to another level.

Smith-Schuster likes to spend time catching footballs on the Jugs machine, but sometimes after practice there isn't enough time to get all the reps he wants. So he did what anyone would do.

Okay, well, maybe not anyone. He got a Jugs machine.

"I bought it online," said Smith-Schuster. "I did it on the rooftop of my apartment. I just needed space and I wanted to catch Jugs, I don't get enough catches in, so I do it on the rooftop of my apartment."

Smith-Schuster shared video of him catching on his Instagram story on Thursday night, and maybe with a Monday night game against the Bengals approaching the nighttime catches will come in handy.

"That's not necessarily why I did it then, but I guess you could say that," said Smith-Schuster. "It's just the time of the day, whenever I can get it in. I don't have enough time to get all of the catches in here, so I just do it at home."

Ironically, he isn't the only one in the Steelers locker room with his own Jugs machine. Ryan Switzer was standing near by and chimed in that he has one which he uses mainly in the offseason.

"It's our profession so we take our work home with us," said Switzer. "More so it's the offseason and stuff. If you don't have a quarterback, it's a good tool to have. My wife can shoot them to me or whatever.

"I don't use the one I have in season. I catch them here if needed. It's more in the offseason to get my catches in because it's hard to find a quarterback wherever you go.

"Mine isn't like JuJu's, though. The one he has is a legit one."