Jones: 'It's a battle'


This week is what football is all about. It's what the NFL is all about. It's about a rivalry where you throw away the records and just go out and play the game with emotion and passion.

It's Steelers-Ravens. And it's happening Sunday afternoon. And it means one thing. Physical football.

Steelers' players gave their take on what the rivalry is all about.
Defensive end Cam Heyward"I think it's the best rivalry in football. It's a hard-hitting, physical game that the mentally tough always win. It doesn't matter how it starts; it's how you finish. You have to wrap your mind around playing four quarters and more."


Linebacker Ryan Shazier**
"It's a big time rivalry. It doesn't matter what the records are. It doesn't matter what is going on. Both of the teams are going to bring everything they have. It's one of the biggest rivalries in the NFL."

Cornerback William Gay
"It's like no other. You better get in the cold tub. It's going to be that type of game. It's going to be physical. It doesn't matter what the records are. We are going to be ready for it."

Linebacker Jarvis Jones
"It's a battle. It's one of the biggest rivalries in professional football. They don't like us, we don't like them. They are in our division. We see them twice a year and every time it's a battle and a very physical game."

Fullback Roosevelt Nix
"It's physical. Intense and very physical. I only played one game, but I was the sorest I have been all season after that game. I am getting my body and mind right for this week. It's going to be physical."

Linebacker Bud Dupree
"I know last time it was really physical the entire game. Both teams are going to play their hardest to try and win."Receiver Jacoby Jones
"I never really feed into it, but when I played for the Ravens I knew it was going to be a tough, physical game. I always tightened up my chin strap, and my shoulder pads. Now being on this side, I see why it's so tough and such a crazy rivalry.'

Cornerback Antwon Blake:
"To put it in simple terms, there is no love lost when we play each other. No matter what the record, guys come ready to play. Both teams will be ready this Sunday."

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