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It's actions that matter

Actions matter: The Steelers offense was one of the hottest topics on the first day of training camp, and it's easy to understand why.

With weapons like Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Le'Veon Bell just to name a few, and a solid offensive line, how can you not sing their praises?

"We have been together for a long time," said Maurkice Pouncey. "We have our superstar already in Antonio. He is always going to be him. Then there is Le'Veon Bell and the things he brings. And we have our Hall of Fame quarterback. It's going to be fun to see all of that in action. The offensive line playing another year together helps. We'll see how it all plays out. The defense also looked great in OTAs."

While Pouncey gave the offensive line just a little love, Roethlisberger sang their praises and credits them with the offense being so strong.

"It starts up front," said Roethlisberger. "We have the best line in the league. They are awesome. They are playing together well. They are one of the biggest reasons I am back, because they are so good and keep me upright. Everything starts with them. They are dynamic and awesome and the rest of us feed off of them."

While the players keep hearing the talk about how good they are, they know none of it matters if it's just talk. One thing is for sure in football, actions speak louder than words.

"We just have to make it happen," said Ramon Foster. "We say all of this stuff about what we can and should do. Making it happen is going to be the biggest proponent in it. We can say we are going to go 19-0, but until that happens, until everybody is on the same page, none of that happens. That is what camp is for."

Pouncey was quick to agree.

"We have the most talent wise, but it's always easy to talk about things and tell people how great we are," said Pouncey. "But we have to go out there and do it every single day."

Feeling humbled: Alejandro Villanueva said he feels humbled to have a long-term contract with the Steelers, knowing that he has come a long way from his days of being on the practice squad and not having a lot of stability.  

"It's part of the business, part of the decisions you have to make in life," said Villanueva. "My situation is so unique. I was a fan my whole life. I had my own fantasy football team. Then all of a sudden you get into the shoes of being offered a contract and it gets really humbling."

Villanueva signed his four-year deal just before players had to report to Saint Vincent College on Thursday for the start of camp.

"Once it gets done you can focus on football, especially a team like this where there really isn't one player that is necessary to win except for Ben Roethlisberger," said Villanueva. "It makes me feel humble."  

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