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Individual game tickets available beginning Friday

A limited number of individual game tickets for Steelers 2021 home games will be available through Ticketmaster beginning at 10 a.m. ET, Friday, May 14.

Fans may buy up to 12 tickets total per household, in any combination, for any of the nine regular-season games.

There is no ticket limit for the team's preseason home contest. The Steelers are continuing their variable pricing plan for the 2021 season, which consists of four tiers:

• Premier: Las Vegas (Week 2) and Baltimore (Week 13) 
• Black: Seattle (Week 6), Denver (Week 5), Cincinnati (Week 3) 
• Gold: Chicago (Week 9), Detroit (Week 10), Tennessee (Week 15), Cleveland (Week 17) 
• Preseason: Detroit (Week 2) 

Tickets will be made available exclusively through Ticketmaster on Tickets will not be sold at the Heinz Field Box Office. Since there are a limited number of limited available, tickets are expected to sell out very quickly.

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