In Golic's case, father knows best

As the NFL Draft started to wind down, Mike Golic Jr. noticed his phone start to ring more and more. It wasn't teams necessarily looking to take the former Notre Dame offensive lineman in the later rounds, but rather sign him as an undrafted free agent once the draft wrapped up.

Golic understood that, and while he was hoping to be drafted, he knew all he needed was an opportunity, a chance to sign on with the right team where he could show what he is capable of.

So as offers started to come in from multiple teams, he sought the advice of the one person who would know best, his father, Mike Golic. Golic had played eight seasons in the NFL and for the past 13 years has analyzed the game for ESPN radio on the Mike & Mike show.

The answer was clear. Sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"He was very proud," said Golic of his dad's reaction to his signing. "He knows what a great organization this is and what a great tradition they have here. He is proud to see me get one step closer to hopefully accomplishing a dream, making this team and becoming a Pittsburgh Steeler."

Golic's dad proudly talked about his son on the Mike & Mike show, a Steelers helmet prominently on the set and waving a Terrible Towel, but he also offered him some sound advice.

"He told me to do all the little things," said Golic. "That starts with going in after practice and taking care of your body every day, getting ready for the next practice. He told me always have your nose in the playbook, not to be afraid to watch extra film and do all of the little things day-to-day that are going to build great habits and great play."

Making a team as an undrafted free agent can be a challenge, but Golic could benefit from the fact that the Steelers didn't draft any offensive linemen. While they added veteran tackle Guy Whimper before OTAs began, there is always a need for depth, especially with the rash of injuries the Steelers have endured on the line over the last few years.

"There are a lot of great players here, even outside of the starting five," said Golic. "There are guys that have been here a few years and know the system and are hard-nose players that reflect the tradition of this organization and the blue collar work ethic of this city.

"That is what I want to be a part of and be around guys that have that work ethic and know what it takes to succeed at a high level like this organization does."

Golic just completed OTAs and the team's minicamp, knowing he had to give an all out effort every day to get to where he wants to be.

"It's a great opportunity and you want to conduct yourself and do the best you can to be a professional now," said Golic. "That is what is expected of you and the standard that has been set here by the Steelers. I am trying to do that every day. I have to just show them I am in great shape, I can pick things up quickly, take what I have learned and apply it out on the field, and that I am going to play through the echo of the whistle.

"This is something I have been dreaming of forever and to get the opportunity to live out my dream in one of the best sports towns in the country is unbelievable."

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