Improving on offense a goal

The Steelers finished the regular season ranked 12th in overall offense and players feel there is no doubt that standing will rise significantly in 2012.

"We have all the talent in the world on the offensive side of the ball to be the number one offense in the league," said Redman. "We have great, talented, young players. In the offseason we just need to come together and get that gel and timing. Then we can get the edge on other teams.

"To have the level of talent that we have, we looked at where we finished this year, we are better than that. We have too much talent to settle for what we've been settling for."

With the emergence of young players like Redman and receivers Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders, to complement the veteran depth, the potential is there for the offense.

"The sky is the limit," said offensive lineman Trai Essex. "We have Antonio Brown and we need to have Emmanuel Sanders for the whole year and we have Mike Wallace. We saw what Isaac Redman can do when given the chance and we are going to get Rashard Mendenhall back. Once we get a consistent offensive line and stop getting hurt all of the time we will be fine."

In order to get to where they want to be there is work to be done.

"We could be a lot better," said Brown. "One aspect of our game is to get better in the red zone. We have to take that approach and mentality of wanting to be better into the offseason. We all have to hold ourselves accountable. We will watch the tape with each other and by ourselves. We all have to push to be better."

Brown was quick to say he was one of the main people who had to focus on getting better in the red zone. And despite winning the team's MVP award and setting a Steelers record for most all-purpose yards in a season in just his second season, he has a lot of room for improvement.

"I should have made more plays," said Brown. "I just blame me. It's all about looking within yourself as an individual and seeing what you could have done better.

"I can get better. I continue to get stronger. Enough wasn't enough. Despite the records we are all at home right now and four other teams in our conference are playing. It's about continuing to play to get to the highest level."

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