About Steelers High School Football Showcase

The "Steelers High School Football Showcase" allows fans the opportunity to vote on the game to be featured by the Steelers each week. The collection of games will be nominated by a panel of experts, including staff writers from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  

The game selected by fans will be announced each Thursday on Steelers.com.  A special highlights package of each week's game will also appear on Steelers.com each Saturday. 

The Steelers also have social media platforms to support its the "Steelers High School Football Showcase"  and other youth football programming. Follow @SteelersYouthFB on Twitter and steelersyouthfb on Snapchat. Each week, these social platforms will cover the build up to the "Steelers High School Football Showcase" each week, as well as provide real time images from the games themselves.