Heinz Field Guest Services

Guest Services Team Member,

Below is your report time for Sunday (December 27) Steelers vs. Ravens game.  Please note Kick-off is at 1:00 pm.  Your report time reflects the time you need to be in Guest Services 104.

  • All Gates will open at 11:00 am.  Therefore, report time for Guest Services Team Members is 10:30 am, unless otherwise noted below.
  • Other Report times are as follows:  Supervisors report time is 9:00 am, Early Elevator Operators and Switchboard is at 9:00 am.  Freight Elevator Operators report time is at 8:00 am.

Please be sure to have your complete uniform.  Dress warm.  Remember to enter Gate C upon your arrival.  Please call me at 412-697-7146 or e-mail me at denunziom@steelers.nfl.com if you have any questions regarding the game.  If you are going to be late, please contact me asap.  I must know ahead of time. Thank you for your cooperation!  I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


PositionTeam MemberReport Time
Gate A Kiosk OutsideKathi Newham10:30 AM
Gate A Kiosk InsideKelly Shorter10:30 AM
Gate A RoamerRachel Cibulas - PSSI Intern10:30 AM
Gate A Roamer/Wheelchair RunnerRyan Conroy10:30 AM
Gate A Roamer/Wheelchair RunnerErin Wagner10:30 AM
PRIDE Booth-near Section 101 S. PlazaKathleen Romano10:30 AM
PRIDE Booth -near Section 101 S. PlazaMaria & Rachel to check on her10:30 AM
Gate A Bull HornRyan Lucas10:30 AM
Marketing Check-InCristin Woodworth10:30 AM
Gate B KioskChristina Sheriff10:30 AM
Gate B Roamer/Wheelchair RunnerTom Wilson10:30 AM
Gate B Roamer/Wheelchair RunnerRadim Varys10:30 AM
Gate B Roamer/Wheelchair RunnerCoss Cosgrove10:30 AM
Gate B Bull HornJosh Rowntree10:30 AM
Art Rooney Ave./G. Rob. St. Bull HornChuck Carr10:30 AM
Gate B SupervisorSimone Arnold7:30 AM
Gate C KioskPam Hosbach10:30 AM
Gate C Roamer/Wheelchair RunnerGreg Murdock10:30 AM
Gate C Roamer/Wheelchair RunnerAllen Fullum10:30 AM
Gate C Roamer/Wheelchair RunnerIf needed Casey or BJ can assist10:30 AM
Gate C Bull HornBob Regan10:30 AM
Gate C SupervisorKevin Rettger9:00 AM
Wheelchair Platform Section 106Cody Hall10:30 AM
Wheelchair Platform Section 111Lew N. to cover until Erin W. is done at A10:30 AM
Wheelchair Platform Section 115Lew Nevins10:30 AM
Wheechair Platform Section 121 & 122Breanna McConahy10:30 AM
Wheelchair Platform Section 124 & 125Leah/Breanna until Tom B. is  
deployed after Legends Club
10:30 AM
Wheelchair Platform Section 130Ben LeDonne10:30 AM
Wheelchair Platform Section 135Matt/Joe 1 to assist until Josh is deployed when done at B10:30 AM
Wheelchair Platform Section 139Matt/Joe 1 to assist until Josh is deployed when done at B10:30 AM
Wheelchair Platform Section 509Bob Schwotzer10:30 AM
Wheelchair Platform Section 512Bob S. to cover until Tom Wilson is 
deployed when done at B
10:30 AM
Wheelchair Platform Section 522Brett Givner10:30 AM
Wheelchair Platform Section 533Nicole Geer10:30 AM
Wheelchair Platform Section 536Nicole G. until Chuck C. is deployed after 
Gate B
10:30 AM
Wheelchair Platforms SupervisorJoe Fiorill9:00 AM
Guest Services Room 104Clevon Owens8:00 AM
Guest Services Room 104Deploy Kathleen R. after PRIDE Booth10:30 AM
Guest Services Room 104 SupervisorCookie Carter7:30 AM
Guest Services Room 123Jack Philips10:30 AM
Guest Services Room 123Jala Muhammad10:30 AM
Guest Services Room 504Joyce Orr10:30 AM
Guest Services Room 504Kathi Newham after A is clear10:30 AM
Guest Services Room 528Chrystil Dougherty10:30 AM
Guest Services Room 528Deploy Kelly S. after A is clear10:30 AM
Main First Aid Room 1Kathy Bova10:30 AM
Main First Aid Room 2Barbara Chakurda10:30 AM
Report Taker Gate CCasey Bromke10:30 AM
Report Taker Gate CBJ Hubbard10:30 AM
Report Taker CCGHLinda Lofink10:30 AM
Report Taker CCGHKaren Siljak10:30 AM
Report Taker RoamerMerrilee Gilbert10:30 AM
Late Report Taker inside 24 hr & assist Gate CLinda Lofink10:30 AM
Fan & Text Hotline/Dispatch Call LogMichele Cornell10:30 AM
First Aid and Report Taker SupervisorTina Fullum9:00 AM
Suite Entry B ElevatorMarcy Walters9:00 AM
Suite Entry B ElevatorEllen Pellettiro10:30 AM
Suite Entry B ElevatorDiane Zamulevic10:30 AM
Elevator Break - Suite BJohn Kelly9:00 AM
Suite Entry C ElevatorDebra Wludarski10:30 AM
Suite Entry C ElevatorRich Sheffey, Jr.10:30 AM
Elevator Break - Suite CPat Funtal9:00 AM
Executive Office ElevatorJames Bullock9:00 AM
Executive Office ElevatorOmar Williams-Penix10:00 AM
Elevator Break - Admin LobbyJoe Funtal & staff9:00 AM
Northeast Freight ElevatorPhil Wilson8:00 AM
Northwest Freight ElevatorKen Fuller8:00 AM
Elevator Operator SupervisorJoe Funtal9:00 AM
Lower Level North Roamer & by Section 118Deploy Bob Regan when done at C10:30 AM
Lower Level North SupervisorLeah Lasko9:00 AM
Lower Level West RoamerDeploy Bob Regan when done at C10:30 AM
Lower Level West SupervisorMatt Phillips9:00 AM
Upper Level East RoamerDeploy Radim when done at B10:30 AM
Upper Level East SupervisorRon Young9:00 AM
Upper Level West RoamerDeploy Greg Murdock after C is clear10:30 AM
Upper Level West SupervisorCanon Konopka9:00 AM
Upper Level North RoamerDeploy Greg Murdock after C is clear10:30 AM
Upper Level North SupervisorCanon and Ron to split9:00 AM
Boxed LunchesJack Vasvary9:30 AM
Executive Office SwitchboardKaren Fuller9:00 AM
Ticket Office Receptionist *Linda Hager10:30 AM
Gate A DeploymentGate B Deployment
Cristin W. to Gate B or 104Tom Wilson to Ron for wc pltfm 512
Kathleen to 104Radim to Ron for Up east roamer
Kelly to Canon for GS Rm 528Josh to Matt for wc pltrms 135 & 139
Kathi N. to Ron for GS Rm 504Coss & Christina stay at Gate B
Erin W. to Cookie for wc pltfm 111Chuck to Canon for wc pltrm 536
Ryan L. & Ryan C. to Stay at Gate A
Gate C Deployment
Bob Regan to Matt & Leah for roamer on Lower West & North
Greg Murdock to Canon/Ron for Up. North & Up. West Roamer
Pam & Allen to stay at gate
Tom Bryan to help at Legends Club from 12 noon until 1:30 pm
Tom Bryan to be on platform 124-125 until 12 noon*

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